Tuesday, 11 October 2011

City Hunter

Lee Yoon Sung ( Lee Min Ho ) works at the Blue House's National Communication Network Team. He goes there to investigate about betrayer whose cause many people die at Nampo Sea incident. His adopted father ask him to get revenge as the betrayer kill his dad. Kim Na Na works as bodyguard at South Korean presidence's residence which is the Blue House. She fell in love with Lee Yoon Sung.

There are a lot of fighting scenes in order to investigate the betrayer. He looks so cool and manly in this drama. Other than that, Lee KwangSu which is one of RUNNING MAN members is one of the supportive actors. He is funny....the character matched with his role in the real life...

So, sape yang xtgk lg citer ni, kna la tgk.... dh lame dah kuar....
Kalu nk tgk video yg jelas dgn subtitle leh tgk kat EPDrama

Skg ni tgh tgk Protect the Boss....nanti aku update bout this drama k!